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Dec. 12th, 2010

Writer's Block: Cover me

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

Anything Katie Perry, my fan girl is showing through but Darren Criss singing Teenage Dream rocked my world! I didnt like the song until he did it.

Dec. 10th, 2010

Links to my Writing!

The first is also Posted on my Journal, Warning its NC-17


And this one is only the first section of another, and so far its PG 13


Dec. 8th, 2010

Lovers Like MoonLight and Dalton Academy Ties

Lovers Like MoonLight and Dalton Academy Ties

Media: Fanfic
Lover's Like Moonlight and Dalton Academy Ties
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers (If any):
Blaine exists, thank god.
UnBeta'd, and my very first Fanfic! I own nothing relating to glee. Thank you to those who helped me learn how to cut this!
I made this for my lovely friend who ruined my ability to do homework for a few days, love her.
Word Count: 4048
Blaine is jealous Kurt watched  videos of his Cousin Darren on Youtube! And Kurt finds an interesting place for Blaine's tie, and his belt. Lots of flash backs to firsts. 

“How’d you meet Darren Criss?” Kurt asked with a surprised little smile that lit the corners of his eyes. Blaine placed the script on the coffee table and unable to stop himself brushed the back of his hand across Kurt’s cheek, watching the younger boy blush made his chest flip.

“Cousin of mine, haven’t seen him much since I left San Francisco when my dad got a job out here in no mans land. My Mom always hated Aunt Margo so I don’t see him much.” Blaine wasn’t sure if Kurt was grinning because he had gotten them the rights to perform a very Potter musical, or because Blaine had placed his hand on the small of Kurt’s back.

“I used to watch your cousin’s videos on my laptop every night before bed.” Kurt blurted.

“He’s a good singer, corny, but real good.”

“He’s a god.”

“Not going to leave me for him are you?” Blaine laughed but felt suddenly jealous watching Kurt’s face contort in happiness that he didn’t directly cause. “He’s not gay. Not going to tell me you love him are you?” Blaine mentally smacked himself, he hated sounding like an ass. He took his hand off Kurt and smoothed down the front of his coat nonchalantly.

“Blaine.” Kurt scooted closer and after what Blaine thought was a hesitant pause, placed his hand on Blaine’s knee. “You have MUCH better hair.” Blaine turned swiftly toward Kurt, scanned his eyes across the empty common room, and slid his hands up Kurt’s back to finger his silken hair.

 Kurt gasped and almost fell on his face as his hand slid off Blaine’s knee and brushed the front of his slacks. He regretted for a moment not letting himself fall into those slacks, it really would have looked like an accident. Blaine hadn’t let Kurt touch him in public. And really he hadn’t gotten much farther than pressing his eager fingers against the silk front of Blains boxers. Even then Kurt had surprised Blaine by shoving his hand down his pants when he was distracted by Kurt’s tongue drawing lazy circles on his neck.

“Kurt-” Kurt leaned close and pressed Blaine against the back of the leather couch before he could protest. Kurt was not about to let Blaine lecture him on the importance of waiting. Blaine didn’t seem to have a problem sucking him off in supply rooms, yet the moment Kurt moved to touch Blaine, he froze up. Kurt did not fully understand Blaine’s aversion to his touch.

 So fucking soft. Blaine thought as he pushed back against Kurt’s tongue. He felt himself twitch to life beneath Kurt’s small hand and tried to pull himself together. No, not yet, he’s, oh god, not, ugh. Blaine was ridiculously grateful that Kurt wasn’t a mind reader. Or anyone was at Dalton, how he got through classes was enough of a challenge, the last thing he needed was anyone getting a look into his persistently perverse thoughts. Thinking about Kurt had started early. When he introduced the younger boy to the Warblers he had already begun to imagine Kurt singing ballads to him. Becoming friends had been easy, he was funny, passionate, and he never stopped talking, it was one of the things Blaine loved most about Kurt.

Blaine felt Kurt sigh and shift beside him. He had invited Kurt over to do homework together, something Blaine was regretting because he did not want to be doing homework; he wanted to be doing Kurt Hummel, sweet, lyrical, delicate Kurt.

“Can I borrow a highlighter?” Kurt nudged Blaine lightly with his arm, squirming to reposition himself on Blaine's bed. Blaine wordlessly crawled over his books and fished through his drawer for the brightly colored pens. “Thanks, this is going to look like an art project not a paper.” Kurt gave a little laugh and blushed when Blaine stared into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Oh, editing Finn’s history paper. Though really I wouldn’t call it editing, more like, rewriting.”

“You’re a good brother Kurt, just don’t work too hard, I mean, did you already finish your homework?” Blaine kept the conversation going as an excuse to keep locking eyes with Kurt.

“Of course!” Kurt lapped at his lip where the sticky red candy cane had left its mark. Blaine wished Kurt had accepted another when he offered. He’d stolen them off the banister for -, he didn’t like to admit it too himself, he was trying to be a good friend. He had swiped the candy canes, wriggling them out of the sweet smelling garland, and shoving them deep into his book bag, because he wanted to make Kurt smile. Blain shook his head and smiled. He’d stolen them to watch Kurt run his tongue up and down the twisting colors.

“What?” Kurt asked. Blaine caught himself giggling.

“Nothing, its funny your doing his work, what’s it on?”

“Well, it’s currently about the stonewall riots, except Finn seems to think that they caused the Berlin wall to fall.” The both burst into laughter

“Ha-ha, no, what’s it really on.” Blaine said as he composed himself.

“Oh I wasn’t kidding, Finn seems to think that the gays are responsible for reconnecting West and East Berlin.”

“History’s not his strong point?”

“You could say that. He didnt even know he was in the class for awhile there.” Kurt smiled and slid the highlighter across the page. “I think I’ve found one section I can keep though.” Kurt said.

“Oh?” Blaine tapped a pen against his notes, pretending to read.

“Yeah, his name.” Kurt felt a little bad for picking on Finn, after all they were brothers, but Blaine's warm laughter felt like a drug in the air, he wanted to make it last forever. He liked the way Blaine moved to bump his shoulder; it resulted in the dark haired boy moving close enough that their hands were barley inches apart. Kurt let his let hand rest on the comforter, supporting his clipboard on one of Blaine’s throw pillows. Only a moment before Kurt had felt bored by the atrocity of American history balanced on his lap, now he could only think of Blaine, possibly also on his lap. Blaine smelled like Irish Spring soap, mint and another smell that Kurt knew was Blaine’s own scent. And he kept breathing in a ragged sort of way! How was Kurt supposed to ignore that?

Blaine’s fingers twitched toward Kurt’s hand. His pinkie finger slid against Kurt’s own and looped around it. Blaine didn’t look up Kurt didn’t budge. Was he really linking pinkies? Kurt hoped it meant more to Blaine than it had to Brittany and Santana, well, or at least as much. Sure Santana would never commit to Brittany but at least they got to have sex! Together they sat frozen as one by they linked their fingers, Blaine rubbing circles with his thumb over Kurt's knuckles as his fingers traced across his palm.

“Hey!” Shane strode into the room, stretched and threw his book bag across his chair. He turned and looked at Blaine. That new kid with the pink cheeks was sitting next to Blaine, adjusting the front of his hair with one hand, and scribbling on some paper with another.

“What happened to the meeting?” Blaine asked with a tone of forced politeness, Shane could see the way Blaine clutched the comforter beside the kid, looking like he had let his whole world slip through his fingers.


 Blaine felt Kurt’s fingers nudge against his straining zipper and he leapt up. Kurt flopped onto the couch, breathing heavily and looking heartbroken.

“Shit, sorry.” Blaine dropped to his knees beside the couch. “Look, its just, you’ve never, and I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want- or your not ready for.”

“Shut up.” Kurt exclaimed a little too loudly. His brown furrowed and his eyes stung with tears. “You, just.” Kurt paused and took a shallow breath. He knew it was then or never, he would either have to get the balls to do this, or give up “If you’re sorry then you will have to let me do what I want.”


“Um?” Blaine asked. Kurt strode to the doors, and after struggling for a moment shoved an armchair in front of them and turned to face Blaine.

“First rule, no talking.”

Blaine squeezed his eyes tight. He could not believe his Kurt was about to do – something. Shit, Blaine thought with a small frown. What is Kurt thinking?

 Kurt walked slowly across the room, bouncing lightly on his feet. His heart pounded in his chest the way it had the first time Blaine had kissed a trail from his neck down to the his waistband. He wanted this to be something special for Blaine. The way Blaine had made his first kiss with Kurt unforgettable. It had been just outside the courtyard, snow ghosting through the air. A chill ran up Kurt’s spine as he re imagined Blaine brushing the snow off the top of his head. Blaine had been waiting for him under the archway, whistling a medley of hurried nervous Beatles songs under his breath until the shook into fragmented hums. Kurt had heard them echoing through the night, dampened by the falling snow.


 “Evening, Mr. Hummel.” Blaine straightened when he saw Kurt rushing headlong toward him. He wanted to think that Kurt was running to him from excitement, not just from the snow flaking down his collar.


“Oh, Blaine, why are you outside, its you know, cold.” Kurt shook to show what he meant and Blaine had a smile tucked into the corner of his lips because Kurt’s attempt to shake looked an awful lot like a shimmy. He watched Kurt rock onto his toes and nervously fall back to his feet. Blaine reached for his hand and took it gently, so soft, his Kurt, so soft. He liked the way lamplight illuminated the snowy night behind Kurt’s head, he had an angel’s voice, and now an angel’s aura.


Blaine liked the way Kurt Hummel blushed on every visible inch of his pale lamp glow skin. He turned Kurt’s delicate hand in his grasp and raising it to his lips planted a gentle kiss on the surprisingly warm skin right above his knuckles. The way Kurt’s eyes pulsed wider in that instant made Blaine’s chest ache with longing. He had dated before, a lot actually, yet he wasn’t sure he had ever felt THAT feeling before, the one that made is chest buzz.

“Oh.” A small sigh slid from Kurt’s surprised mouth, Kurt felt like he was falling in love, he wanted it to be love, but he didn’t really know what it was supposed to feel like.

Blaine, still holding the kissed hand, placed his other hand on Kurt’s hip, and slowly moved toward Kurt. He paused, a breath before Kurt’s lips, and squeezed Kurt’s hand gently. Kurt leaned closer and pressed his trembling kiss into Blaine’s lips. Here Blaine had been unable to stop himself. He wanted Kurt all to himself, his, his, his. He pulled Kurt toward him, allowing the stonewall to keep him standing, and kissed Kurt deeply, his tongue tasting the small moans escaping his lovers throat. They kissed until the air would not go up their frosty noses and broke apart gasping. Blaine’s hands gentle urged Kurt not to move from his chest, so with their foreheads pressed together, eyes, locked, they sucked frigid air into their sweating bodies as the world swirled by.


“Come here.” Kurt’s voice was lower than usual, and it tremored a bit. Blaine could not help but feel worried for him. He had mistaken Kurt’s shaky voice for fear, when really the delicate voice was shattered with excitement. Blaine moved toward Kurt and sat when Kurt indicated, on one of the couches in the dimly lit room.

Smiling sweetly Kurt rounded on Blaine, braced one arm on the armrest and leaned close to his face. He paused as a small smile flickered encouragingly on Blaine’s face. He didn’t want Kurt to be afraid, and yet, Blaine was terrified. He would not let himself be a bully and pressure Kurt. Hurting Kurt would kill him; he felt that in his bones. In the past Blaine had been accused of being an unfair lover. Something overcame him and he would be driven solely by his sex drive, leading him to get too intense. Sure, he hoped the way his heart flippy flopped around Kurt would help him change, yet he was determined Kurt would be treated like his prince, god Blaine thought, when did I start thinking of boyfriends as Princes. Kurt however, was different for Blaine.

 Blaine threw his head back as Kurt crawled into his lap, straddling him gently, yet pressing himself firmly against Blaine's straining cock. When Kurt jumped a little in surprise, as Blaine unintentionally thrust upward, Blaine felt a rush of fear.

“Really, you don’t have to, I mean we could go upstairs and make some tea or-”

“You, really, don’t, listen.” Kurt said as he tugged Blaine’s tie free from the collar and pressed his hand firmly against Blaine’s mouth. Somehow Blaine could not wrap his mind around what was happening. Was Kurt really grinding into his cock while he dug the heel of his palm into Blaine’s mouth? Could he really be this lucky, Kurt was sexy, but this, this was something new. This side of Kurt Blaine had imagined only in desperate moments as he clutched his own erection with a sloppy spit slathered hand. And that only happened sometimes on weekends, when his roommate Shane was away, probably sleeping with his long time boyfriend in Michigan.

“Kurt, baby-” Blaine gagged as Kurt replaced his hand with Blaine’s own tie. Kurt watched Blaine’s eyes roll back in his head, felt his thighs clench beneath him, and was glad to see that his boyfriend was totally ok with being kinky as hell. With what Kurt was planning, he hoped this enthusiasm would continue.

“You really don’t want to make me mad do you?” Kurt flushed just from saying it, but he’d seen it in a really hot porno the week before and he couldn’t help whispering it just under Blaine’s ear as he tied the silk tie a little to tightly behind Blaine’s head.

Kurt took Blaine's throaty groan to be a sign that he didn’t care about making Kurt mad, but he didn’t want this to stop either. He quickly removed Blaine’s coat, dress shirt and undershirt. The way Blaine’s eyes watched him hungrily as Kurt stood up and walked backwards away from Blaine made Kurt want to speed things up, but he had been planning this in his head forever, all that production work would not go to waste. Courage, Kurt thought with a sweet smile.  

Flipping quickly through his bag Kurt found the cd and slid it into the player. He turned the dimmer on the wall, causing the chandelier darken the room enough that moonlight from the windows countered the gentle glow.

Kurt leaned over the sound system to press play and Blaine tilted his head confused. The music came on slow, crackling in the old system and then sliding seamlessly into the room, loud enough to slide over him, but not enough to echo in the hall beyond the blockaded door. Blaine had never heard this version before, but Michael Buble’s rendition of Fever had been giving Kurt hard ons for a year.

While usually Blaine found Kurt to be an impeccably accurate dancer, one who both understood technique and timing, something different seemed to posses his boyfriend, as he slowly, oh god, so slowly undid the buttons of his dress shirt and stepped nimbly out of his shoes. He swung his hips with a certain precision and slowness that gave Blaine goosebumps. He needed to touch, needed to feel Kurt sliding over him, touching.

Kurt glanced over his shoulder as he dropped his undershirt to the carpet and swung suddenly to the male voice ripping through the music with sexy abandon. He saw Blaine's dark eyes flashing at him, sending heat up his core. He slipped the hook out of his belt and drew it out slowly while advancing on Blaine again. He just kept thinking, mine, my hot loving boyfriend, mine.

Kurt did not want to hurt Blaine but he knew his boyfriend wouldn’t let him do what he wanted without – encouragement.

As Blaine moved toward his half naked boyfriend he felt the gag tightly around his face, and momentarily, and in his defense it was only for one minute, he worried about the condition of his silk tie. He gripped Kurt's thighs and swayed with him. He felt Kurt's nails trailing down his arms, yet he had not noticed the belt still hung from his right hand, his mind had been preoccupied with dragging Kurt’s pants to the floor so he had to kick them aside.

“Second rule.” Kurt murmured dreamily against Blaine's heaving chest as his boyfriend ground his hips into Kurt. “No touching.” He snapped the belt once before tying it tightly around Blaine’s wrists. Blaine grinned, but the way his eyes rolled and stared hungrily reassured Kurt that he was not actually hurting Blaine, and even if he was, Blaine was enjoying it. Kurt stepped away from Blaine, circled him twice, walking like he was walking on air, hands clutched behind his back. He loved the way Blaine’s back looked in the light strong and protective, and hot. Blaine would have been fine if he could have stared back at Kurt, but when he kept walking away Blaine did not know how much more he could take, surprising himself he let out a low feral growl.

Kurt Hummel, virgin extraordinaire, pushed Blaine across the room and against a wall. He rocked their hips together, feeling Blaine’s hot erection pressed against his own made Kurt’s stomach flip. He slid down the length of his Greek god like boyfriend and kneeled before him. Taking the waistband in his hands he tugged roughly at the buttons and dragged Blaine's dress pants slowly to the floor. Kurt didn’t bother folding the pants, instead he tossed them aside and slid his hands up to cup his boyfriend’s ass. Kurt knew he had small hands but the way Blaine’s ass overflowed his grasp made him hard. The way he was kneeling before barley able to stand Blaine made the most estranged sound Kurt had ever heard from another human being. He thought that it sounded a lot like the noises he squawked out when Blaine had his hands on Kurt's cock.

Pressing his face into Blaine’s boxers Kurt exhaled a hot breath and inhaled the sultry scent of his boyfriend. He could not believe he had gone this long without having ever tasted Blaine. He was pleasantly surprised he was having any kind of sex, at McKinley his chances for getting laid had been down to abusive psychopath and Britney. But to think that he had been with Blaine for two months and never been allowed to be the one giving pleasure, it made Kurt mad enough to drag Blaine's boxers to the floor and roughly jerk his boyfriend till he came all over Kurt’s face. Kurt however, didn’t want to use his hands too much, so while he did drag down the soft material hiding Blaine from Kurt's sight, he did not touch him right away. The music had slipped into Moondance; the same sultry voice was joined by a thrumming bass that urged Kurt to dance his tongue along the moon soaked cock.

“Well I wanna make love to you tonight-” Kurt unconsciously sang along with the music. Lost in the moment Kurt did not realize the agonizingly beautiful sounds coming from Blaine until Blaine thrust forward slightly, unable to control himself or wait any longer. Seeing this, Kurt smiled.

 Blaine wanted to scream from the lightest touch of Kurt’s tongue slipping over the head of his dick. It felt like heaven, and it surprised Blaine how exciting it was to be unable to control anything. He knocked his head against the wall absent mindedly as he tried not to cry. Kurt, fucking, Kurt, sweet sweet Kurt, taking all of him into his throat, bobbing along the shaft, sucking and smacking and making the air sweeter, the moonlight milkier, god.

“I love you.” Blaine tried to say it, but his tie muffles the words, and for an instant he was glad. He didn’t really think telling Kurt he loves him while his cock jerks into the boy’s throat seemed like a good plan. Blaine wanted Kurt to at least be able to say it back. And Blaine feared that perhaps Kurt would only think he said it because of the sex.

Kurt griped Blaine’s ass tightly, pushing the cock down his throat when Blaine shuddered and tried to pull back from Kurt. It’s so much, so hot and intense and the noises Blaine made drove Kurt so insane, he used one hand to cup his own erection through his boxers as he came violently, heavenly. It’s odd; Kurt thought as Blaine came in his throat, he’d never really known what cum tasted like before, he had tasted hints of his own from Blaine’s lips, but this was all Blaine, he had expected it to taste sourer.

“Mhmpf.” Blaine’s chest was surging and Kurt quickly remembered Blaine could only truly breath through his nose. He tottered to his feet, his legs shaky and uncertain. The knot gave way beneath his fumbling fingers and Blaine didn’t gasp for air or scream, instead he just smiled at Kurt, who worked his fingers around to undo the belt constraining Blaine’s arms. Mostly, Kurt wanted Blaine to be unrestricted, but secretly, he just wanted Blaine to run his hands through his hair, kiss his skin gently and call him baby, just to be sure he didn’t do anything wrong, and everything can be the same now, just better, and with a lot more sex.

 “Kurt,” Blaine looked down at the carpet. And Kurt felt his stomach drop very suddenly as Blaine stood in silence.

“Wh, what?” Kurt composed his face and listened to his music in the air, trying to distract himself from the darkly shadowed figure standing quietly before him.

“Am I allowed to talk now, and move?” Blaine smirked slightly, though by now Kurt was sure it wasn’t voluntary, the way Blaine’s eyes crinkled happily sent little rockets up through his toes, right to his heart.

“Yeah, of course.” Kurt laughed. “Here.” He handed Blaine the pile of his clothes. A slight blush deepened the rosy bloom of Kurt's cheeks. Blaine drew him against his chest, nose to nose.

“So, tonight when your drifting off to sleep, you’ll be thinking of me not my cousin, right?” Blaine laughed.

“Well,” Kurt admitted, “I wasn’t really thinking about him, just watching his videos. Still Jealous?” Kurt breathed in Blaine's air.

“Do you like me jealous?” Blaine exclaimed squeezing Kurt just a little tighter.

“Wha-, maybe. But that’s not why I watched those videos, I mean, I just like videos.” Kurt stammered.

“Are you suggesting we make a video, why Kurt Hummel, how risqué!” Blaine kissed Kurt lightly before he could speak.  

Blaine stepped into his pants and lazily shoved the remainder of his clothes into his book bag. He took his jacket and buttoned it up to hide the naked skin beneath.

“I don’t think a video is such a good idea.” Kurt laughed. “Though I wouldn’t be opposed to telling my dad and carol about you.”

“You want to make a sex tape for your parents?” Blaine balked.

“No! Of course not, I just meant, maybe we could be a bit more public about our relationship, I ah, I-” Kurt paused and bit his bottom lip in a way that made Blaine want to hold him tight forever.

“Love you.” Blaine finished for him. “I love you Kurt.”

“I love you.” Kurt kissed Blaine, a sweet gentle kiss, no more than half parted lips resting together, Kurt nuzzled against Blaine's nose, flickered butterfly kisses on his cheek and sighed contented.

 “Red Vine?” Blaine asked as the slipped out of the common room and headed for the dormitory.

“Wait, really?” Kurt asked excitedly, feeling his stomach grumble hungrily.

“Ha-ha, no sorry, I was kidding.”

“Well, Blaine, who would have thought you were a tease!” Kurt laughed and ran up the stairs, Blaine hot on his heels, trying to muffle his laughter so it did not echo throughout the whole school.

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